The famous Gordon Harrison Gallery Visit NEXT WEEK!

Hi All

The Gordon Harrison Gallery, is located at 495 Sussex Drive. It is almost directly across the road from the US Embassy. The cross streets would be York Street at Sussex Drive. The closest place to park would be in the angled pay parking spots along York street. York is split by the parking spots and is one way on each side of the parking spots.

The believe the best free parking is three blocks away and in the parking lot directly behind the Notre Dame Cathedral. The church faces out onto Sussex Drive but the parking lot is accessed off Parent Avenue directly behind the church. I do not think it would be pay parking at that time of evening.

There are many one way streets around that area of town, so unless you are familiar with the area you’ll want to be real careful where you turn into.

Anyone want to meet at 6pm at the Earl of Sussex Pub for supper? Its at the next corner at Murray Street and Sussex Drive.
We hope to see you there!

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