Christmas In The Valley Artisan Show 7 – 8 Nov

The Christmas In The Valley Artisan Show will be taking place 7 -8 Nov 10am – 4pm in the Almonte Arena.  Several of our members participate and this show is Nadine Sculland’s “baby”.

1.There a still a few spots left if anyone is interested in being a participant.  $50 for a 4’ table $75 for an 8’ for both days. No more wall spaces left.

2. Come on out to the show and support your fellow members.  There is also a lady who sells homemade chocolates…mmmmm! – that is the only reason I need to attend….

Christmas-in-the-Valley (2) (2)

Three Reasons Why You Should Attend the Crown and Pumpkin Studio Tour

The Crown and Pumpkin Studio Tour takes place on Thanksgiving Weekend – 10,11, 12 Oct from 10am – 5pm each day.  It is in the Clayton and Almonte area.  Check out the website where you can find a map and description of the studio stops.

Three reasons why you should attend:

  1. Sculptor Diana Jackson’s house in Clayton is one of the stops.  She was one of our guest speakers earlier this year and most of you will remember her pictures of her fantastic home where she has sculpted many of her architectural features.  This is your chance to see it in person !!!
  2. Two of our members, Jade Armstrong and Laurel Cook will be participating in the tour.  Jade will be at Laurel’s house and will be drawing caricatures for folks while she is there.
  3. Your erstwhile president Laurel Cook, just completed a large mural on the back wall inside Union Hall. Magical David Whitely helped her sketch the mural on the wall so that she would have time to complete it in three weeks.  Come and see the results !!!




Art Appraisals and Pricing Your Art

We all struggle with pricing our art.  Many of us simply price it according to size.  However, here is a quick article on what art appraisers consider when pricing a piece of art.  It may help some of us expand our ideas on how we should price our work….

Art Appraisal Day information, from the Ottawa Art Gallery on Daly Ave

1. The artist. The more well-known or celebrated the artist, the higher the value.
2. Subject matter. For example, a landscape by the Group of Seven carries more value than an abstract from a lesser-known artist.
3. Size/medium. A large canvas typically fetches more than a small painting; oil is worth more than watercolour.
4. Association. Who owned the painting, for instance a former prime minister or renowned gallery, can add prestige.
5. Period of the work.
6. Condition. Tears or repairs can significantly decrease value.
7. Rarity. This can work against an artwork: if a famous artist only painted four pieces, they’d be worth a considerable amount. But if an artist known for landscapes paints an abstract, it may not be worth much.
8. Fashion trends. Traditional portraits or a decorative still life are tough to sell right now, because “they don’t sit well with modern décor.”
9. Quality. The level of detail in a painting and the amount of time spent on the work increases the value.
10. Connoisseurship. The more experience the appraiser has with a particular artist or medium helps to accurately determine the item’s value.

Comment – This is an appraiser’s list, however, a lot of this can be applied to pricing your own work, eg, size/medium, condition, fashion trends, quality and time spent, as well as your own “popularity” and experience.


Unfortunately, our upcoming meeting on Mon has been cancelled due to a lack of running water at the Almonte Public Library.  Any groups using the meeting rooms (and washrooms) have had their reservations cancelled. We hope to reschedule Sanjeev for 19 Oct…..Stay tuned !

Show by Bill Pratt

Bill was one of our great speakers last April.  He is participating in a show at MVTM. It is a photographic print exhibit called Madly Off In All Directions featuring the work of:
Robin Andrew, Dale Dunning, Bill Pratt, Rod Trider and Bill Young.
The Exhibit runs from September 16th to September 27th.

The Vernissage is Wednesday, September 16th, 7:00 to 9:00 pm.
Come and join us for a glass of wine, we would love to see you.
5iz E-Vite_LowRes_jpeg

Mark Your Calendars – Oct and Nov Meetings

Mon Oct 19

Mon Nov 9

Save the dates !

21 Sep Meeting – 7:30 PM Mon at the Almonte Public Library

We are starting our year off with a great speaker – Sanjeev Sivarulrasa (Artist & Gallery Director).  He is an amazing photographer and has been invited to speak at many different venues.  His website is

He is renowned for his photography of the night sky.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there.




Group Venue/Show At Mill of Kintail for the Month of Aug

We have scheduled another group venue at Mill of Kintail for the month of Aug. So far, the participating members for Mill of Kintail in August are: Ann R., Jessica, Jade, Nadine, Judie, Ellie, Gayle and Laurel. There is no commission for sales at this location. It’s a great place to hang. If anyone else is interested, all are welcome to join.

Show At Surrounding Memories Carleton Place for Month of July

We are doing a show (a group venue) at Surrounding Memories in Carleton Place for the month of July Participating members are: Jessica, Jade, Nadine, Judie, Ellie and Gayle. The set up date is scheduled for Tuesday June 30th at 10:00 am. Anyone else is welcome to join this group.  Commission is 30% on sold items only.

Come on out and enjoy ! Surrounding Memories is located at 77 Bridge St, Carleton Place

The Almonte Streetscape

For AITA 2015, participating artists created panels of the mainstreet buildings in Almonte in 1991 that when assembled at AITA, depicted the street as it would have appeared 25 years ago at the first Art In The Attic show.

David Whitely was the driving force behind this project, preparing the panels and determining scale and providing copies of the buildings to be done on each panel. Each artist then used their own style and techiniques to create their panel.  David handled the mechanics of putting the panels together with explanations of each panels to create a  unique streetscape that stretched across the entire stage in the Almonte Old Town Hall.

We have been asked to put our streetscape on display at the gallery in Fairview Manor in Almonte.  It will be on display from 13 Oct to 8 Dec.  David is also handling the mechanical changes required to hang the streetscape in the gallery.  Thanks David !!!

The Fairview Manor Gallery is located at 75 Spring St in Almonte.



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